August 24, 2017

This time of year, parents are busy getting their school age children ready for the upcoming school year. Preparations include shopping for school supplies and buying all the books they may need. In the context of separation and divorce, there are some additional ways...

May 10, 2017

In this third and final installment of "OSF By the Numbers", we look at some final data collected during our pilot year. Most of the individuals who call One Step Forward report that they experienced some form of domestic violence during their marriage, separation, and...

December 14, 2016

In this second installment of "OSF By the Numbers", we focus on OSF caller demographics from our first year (2015-2016) including who called, gender of caller, marriage number, separation status, and civil divorce status.

Most OSF callers reached out on their own for su...

November 18, 2016

Since it's launch in September 2015, One Step Forward has been playing a critical role in bridging the gap between individuals seeking help and the resources and services available to them in the Jewish community. To date, One Step Forward has been contacted by almost...

August 2, 2016

Divorce can be a difficult process and it’s helpful to have strategies to cope with whatever comes your way. In "Coping with Separation and Divorce", Mental Health America offers some key coping strategies that include:

For You: 

  • Give yourself a break

  • Take care...

July 20, 2016

Wondering what One Step Forward has to offer? Watch our video about the guidance, referral and support services we offer individuals going through the Jewish divorce process. 

June 3, 2016

How can you help a friend going through a divorce? In his article entitled "Helping a Friend Going Through Divorce", Menachem Rosenfeld delineates a number of important suggestions on how to be a supportive and caring friend. Suggestions include:

  • Listen more than yo...

March 8, 2016

How will divorce impact my children? What is the best way to discuss separation and divorce with children of different ages? "Understanding where kids are at, developmentally, can help you help them adjust to the reality of divorce."

Read more about this important topic...

January 19, 2016

“The divorce was shattering, but humility and kindness in the process was desperately needed,” he said. “Divorce is normal, but it doesn’t have to be as hurtful as it often is." “You do your best, and try not hurt people on the way,” she said." Interesting article in N...

December 28, 2015


"Working in a divorce-related field, I constantly encounter gross misconceptions about why people get divorced in our community. “Couples give up too easily these days,” people will grumble. “Young people are afraid to work at it.” “In the good old days, divorce was n...

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