One Step Forward "By the Numbers" - Part 1

Since it's launch in September 2015, One Step Forward has been playing a critical role in bridging the gap between individuals seeking help and the resources and services available to them in the Jewish community. To date, One Step Forward has been contacted by almost 300 individuals looking for support through the Jewish divorce process and has conducted over 700 phone calls, guiding these individuals through the process and providing ongoing support and referrals. Here is a breakdown of how people find us and the referrals we are providing callers to help them move forward in their divorce process.

Many legal and social service agencies refer individuals to One Step Forward. We also receive referrals from other professionals, including psychologists, social workers, rabbis, lawyers, and other communal leaders.

After speaking with One Step Forward staff, more than two thirds of OSF callers receive targeted referrals for a wide range of services. Callers also receive Jewish divorce information as well as general support and guidance.


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